smuggle smug‧gle [ˈsmʌgl] verb [transitive] LAW
to take something or someone illegally from one country to another:
smuggle something into/​out of

• They caught her trying to smuggle drugs into France.

• The silver was found in Yugoslavia and smuggled out.

— smuggling noun [uncountable] :

• They claimed the government knew about the arms smuggling.

— smuggler noun [countable] :

• A network of professional smugglers manage the stream of narcotics into the United States.

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smuggling UK US /ˈsmʌɡlɪŋ/ noun [U]
LAW the crime of taking goods or people into or out of a country illegally: »

drug/human/tobacco smuggling


a smuggling organization/operation/ring


A major trend in the smuggling of intellectual property these days is microchips.

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